All Aboard!

"Passengers please bare with us. We will need to report back to the gate and reboot the plane's electrical panel. We will need to completely shut down the plane which means we will be sitting in complete blackout conditions for approximately 2 minutes. During these 2 minutes you'll most likely begin to panic, stare at your watch calculating how many minutes until you miss your next flight. You'll threaten your kids and then give in, giving them gummies at 5 in the morning. Please remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened, we will be in the air momentarily," states the pilot. Well maybe not their exact words, but something to this effect. If you have ever flown with or without children this is when "Annie" starts to make herself at home in the pit of your stomach and begins stretching out until you can feel her in your chest. Annie is her name, my anxiety is her game. Annie likes to visit when I am in a new situation, have an overwhelming to do list, when I think about my 16 year old getting his license or when I have an ice-chilled cider waiting for me on an Aruban beach and I know I'm about to miss my connecting flight.  Travelling can be super stressful, but I'm here to share my must-have travel items to make the process as smooth and stylish as possible! (If you are looking for tips on how to manage your kids in a small enclosed space for hours on end without gummies or screen time... I gots nothin!)
1. It's All About the Benjam... Bookbags Baby!
I love me a good crossbody, but when travelling a backpack is a must!
My absolute fave is the Ashton backpack by PixieMood (in caramel).  I love that I can store my laptop safely in its own compartment. I throw in my wallet, gummies, book, planner, headphones, hand sanitizer and some toy cars and I'm ready to go. There is tons of room and did you see how cute it is? No longer am I envious of all my friends circa 1995 when I am sure I was the only kid that did not own an LLBean bag. I don't need my monogram on this bag to be stylin', the bag says it all!! Ps it's vegan, designed by Canadians and available at spree in multiple colours!!
2. A Scrunchie
They say if you've already lived through a trend, you should not be sporting it when it comes back around. I don't know who they are, but they don't know the true joy that comes from wearing a scrunchie in your hair instead of a harsh elastic band. When your hair is down and you have to lean down and whisper forcefully at your children to behave it's at this point you begin to sweat. Annie is settling in and your heartbeat fastens. Pulling your hair up in a scrunchie is most satisfying.When you aren't wearing it in your hair, it looks great on your wrist! Shout out to our girl Laura @scrunchylove for making so many scrunchies for us at Spree!!
Avene face moisturizer
3. Face Moisturizer 
I can't even believe I am saying this because I never in a million years would have thought I could apply a moisturizer to my oily face. The truth is oily faces still get dried out. They feel gross after travelling all day. My adult acne is a force to be reckoned with, but this my friends does the the trick!! Love, love, love this product!! I grab mine at our local drugstore and it is the best I've ever had!
4. A scarf, not a baby scarf, a big scarf!
I am a scarf lover. I love how they can jazz up an outfit (do people even say jazz anymore?), but scarves are also great when you can't control the climate! I've been known to get resourceful when it comes to my scarves-using them as ratchet strap replacements when transporting lumber, using them for table runners, tying my kids to the chairs at restaurants... you name it. Having a large scarf on the plane to be used as a pillow or a blanket is a must for me. I can leave my bulky coat at home or in the car if I'm travelling to warmer weather and not worry about freezing going to or from the airport! When the stress-sweat kicks in I can easily remove my scarf without irritating the passengers beside me. No one wants to be that passenger!
Bamboo Hoodies
5. A Loose Fitting, Breathable Shirt! 
I still don't know how I ever wore shirts that fit like Saran Wrap, but let me tell you something- this ol' gal, mom of two boys who likes to eat Reese's after 8pm likes a good loose fitting shirt everyday, but especially for travel! These organic bamboo hoodies (made in Canada) are the bombdotcom. Yup I said it, it's super cringey, but they are the booommmb. These hoodies have a high low design, they are legging approved and they come in lots of gorgeous colours! Win, win, win! 
So whether you are travelling for work or pleasure, with kids or no kids, don't let Annie ruin your trip! Look good and feel good and if you need to eat gummies at 5 in the morning, you need to eat gummies at 5 in the morning. #livinthespreelife
- KC


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