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What does Valentine's Day look like in your home? Ours has morphed over the years. 

For the longest time, Valentine's Day for me was one of those overrated celebrations. Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate and I also love flowers, but when you have kids the romance is sucked out of the special day. Valentine's Day in our house was sitting at the table with my kids on the eve of Valentine's with their class lists. The teacher in me wanted my boys to practice their handwriting skills. We'd sit at the table spelling each classmate's name on those little perforated cards and after the first two names "my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy". What the hell was I thinking? There wouldn't be enough hours to complete the whole class. It quickly shifted to "just write your name and I will help you fill out the rest". By the next morning- Valentine's Day- I didn't care any more. I was just happy I fulfilled my mom duty. Am I the only one?

Now, Valentine's Day in our house for the most part is just another day, but I think it is safe to say that everyone could use a little extra love these days. I make a point to tell my boys (including my husband) why I love them and that usually includes a little token so they know I was thinking of them. This gift is not always chocolate, but rather just a small gift of something practical or fun. 

Are you a traditional flowers gift giver or do you think outside of the box?

We've gathered a few of our favourite Love Day ideas below... I am also dropping hints for my husband! 


Spree Curated Love Day Ideas

Guts, Grit & Lipstick


Show your special someone a little extra love this Valentine's Day with one (or some) of these fun gift ideas. 


Luxurious Bath Products for an at home spa experience.


Fun graphic tees


graphic tees


Meaningful jewellery


The Spreebox: Love Day Edition

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