About Us

As a working mother, I was fortunate enough to have a mother willing to care for my 2 boys. The added bonus of having my mother watch my children was the daily visit to pick the boys up after work. It was never just a simple pick-up, but more of a therapy session. I knew with each visit- a tea and a listening ear were awaiting my arrival. As a teacher, I was faced with the devastating effects of cuts to the education system and although I was fortunate enough to continue to teach in our area, future job insecurity sparked the conversation, “but what would I do if I wasn’t a teacher?” To my mother’s credit, she listened to my dreams and then reminded me that I hadn’t even paid off my student loan yet- minor details. I was teacher because I love kids, working with people, new ideas, hands-on experiences and who am I kidding, I love stationery and colour coding.

As our conversation snowballed from an innocent hypothetical scenario, I felt my heartbeat race and my volume elevate, as I became more and more excited about the possibilities of owning a boutique and studio that could incorporate all the joys I found in teaching.

Our conversation lasted long after tea and lingered on over an unplanned family dinner and continued over dessert. Now with our husbands (both entrepreneurs themselves) contributing to the conversation, the ideas flowed and the dream seemed more of a real possibility.

From the days of pretending I was hosting my own craft show in the kitchen to the days of teaching my students, I accredit my mother for instilling a love of DIY, HGTV, thrifty shopping and lifelong learning. I realized that there would be no better business partner for this venture than my mother. She is a talented decorator, painter, crafter, designer, motivator, supporter, (and nagger- which is a great compliment to my procrastinating ways).

After school tea turned into brainstorming, market research and business planning and now we are the happy owners of Spree Life + Style. We want to welcome you on the exciting journey as this mother and daughter venture navigates through the various stages of establishment. 

Spree Life + Style comprises of several departments: Spreebaby, Spreestyle and Spreehome to name a few. These departments offer everything from home décor and clothing to baby gear and novelty items. 

The lower level is home to our Flourish Wellness Market. The market area features natural, eco-friendly products including bath + body, cleaning supplies, a refillery station, sustainable household items and gluten-free eats. 

With new inventory arriving daily, we are always excited to share our uniquely curated items with you! We are proud to be a part of the exciting things that are happening here in the revitalization of St. Stephen – the middle of everywhere. 


-Kristan + Diane 


**Spree Studio Update- If you have been following along with our journey since its inception you may have noticed the Spree Studio has closed making room for our Wellness Market. As hard as it was to say goodbye to the studio area, covid forced us to reevaluate our space. Although we will no longer be offering in-store shopping for scrapbooking supplies or booking studio classes/parties, our Fusion Mineral Paint is still available in-store and scrapbooking and crafting supplies are available online.  We invite you to join Spree Create on Facebook and Instagram, where we will highlight new products and demos. You can shop supplies on our new website www.spreecreate.ca and subscribe to our Youtube channel- Spree Create for lots of inspiration. We thank you for sticking with us as we navigate the next chapters in Spree's journey!