Pink Lemonade Lip Balm Bubbles & Balms

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Pink Lemonade is a splash of citrus refreshment.

Protect your lips from dryness with lightweight hydration and plant-based waxes in this vegan lip balm that will have your lips feeling silky smooth all year round.
Protect from dryness & lock-in moisture with candelilla wax.
Nourish your lips to retain moisture and prevent cracking with vitamin E.
A variety of flavours from essential oils and natural flavour oils.
Convenient zero-waste tubes that can go anywhere (but please don't leave them in your car!).

As a skin conditioning and emulsifier, Candelilla Wax is the star of these easy-gliding Lip Balms that are twice the size of most plastic brands!

All Bubbles & Balms Lip Balms will create a protective barrier, attract and retain moisture, and come with natural flavour and essential oils.

Bubbles & Balms Pink Lemonade  Lip Balm