Mother's Day Gift Guide Quarantine Style

Celebrating during these times can seem a little tricky, but making these milestones something to remember doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you’ve chosen your mother as your “bubble family” and have already gifted her your presence (or dumped your kids at the back door and sped off) or you'll be a little further away, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! We wanted to share some ideas to help make this occasion special. 

Quarantine style.

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Spree-Curated Gift Box

Take the stress out of gift giving this Mother's Day. These well curated gift boxes are a no-brainer. Choose from 5 different styles. These beauties launch on the website, April 28th.

Sweet Treats & A Beautiful Cookbook

It seems like this quarantine has had us all experimenting in the kitchen (or at least walking to the fridge aimlessly multiple times a day). Why not try a new recipe. Package up your delicious goodies and gift together with a new cookbook. How special would it be for your mom to open her door to a surprise treat!

Fraiche Food

Luxurious Spa Products for a Treat Yo'Self spa day.

There is no denying that your Mama deserves some pampering. She may not be able to head to the spa, but you can gift her some amazing products so she can pamper herself right at home. Lotions to nourish her dry hands, bath soaks to relax her muscles and magnesium oil to help her enjoy a good night's sleep. To make this an extra special experience, please limit the amount of interruptions. This means dogs, mind your business, children keep your fingers out from under the locked door and husbands, don't man-scan. If you can't find something, you didn't look hard enough. Give Mama just a few minutes of peace & quiet. 


Dawn her with Meaningful Jewels.

Your mother is a queen and every queen needs to be adorned with beautiful jewels. Even if they'll only we paired with her favourite mismatched Christmas jammies for the time being. Show her how thoughtful you can be. Check out the meanings of these gorgeous jewellery pieces. 

Pilgrim Water Element Necklace

A classic box chain necklace holds a rectangular shaped pendant inspired by the element of Water. The polished finish and surface capture the sunlight like the ripples of the calm sea on a warm spring day representing the highs and lows of life.

Pilgrim Heart Chakra Necklace

Chakras are vortexes of energy that represent seven different points on the spinal column. These chakras are responsible for distributing life, energy and health within the body. 

The Heart Chakra is represented by the rose quartz semi-precious stone. The Heart's energy is said to provide love, friendship, happiness and self-acceptance. This chakra is associated to your heart, immune system and lower lungs. 

Infinity Studs

Do you love her to the moon and back or to infinity and beyond?


A New Handbag 

Your mother could use a new handbag. Whether she is at the stage of motherhood where she's sifting through dried up french fries and cheerios or scrounging for the last few dollars to fork over for gas money, she's always in need of a new handbag.


Books from the Heart

Now if you really want to tug on the heart strings this "fill in the blank" style book is our top choice! Great for any age, the prompted pages help the creator get to the deep rooted reasons why your Mom is so AMAZING!


Even if you'll need to adhere to social distancing procedures and drop your gifts by the door or send a package by mail, now more than ever show your mom just how special she is. And fathers of young kids, your baby momma has most likely been making snacks, tryna homeschool and work from home. This is not the year to make a pit stop at the hardware store to purchase the first thing you grab. That life jacket you're about to bring to the counter is not only going to go down in history as the worst gift ever, its something you might need when she pushes you overboard for not putting any thought into her gift. You've been warned!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you hard working women. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and your value can not be quantified. 

Kristan Cloney

Spree Lifestyle Boutique & Studio

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