Artisanal Bath Salts Lavender Bubbles & Balms

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Soften skin and ease tensions, as you soak in salt baths that provide the benefits of bathing with Epsom salts alongside pure Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts and signature essential oil blends. *Not zero-waste packaging

You're doing better than Epsom salts for bathtubs for your home when you bathe in our Artisanal Bath Salt blends. Adding our bath salts to your bath water creates a mineral-rich soak that helps to exfoliate dry skin and soothe itch.

The benefits of bathing with Epsom salts are enhanced with our addition of pure Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts. Each batch is handmade to give you the perfect blend Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium and trace amounts of other essential minerals. Bathing with Epsom salts benefits the skin by softening it, and many also rely on Epsom salts as a remedy for muscle tension. Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts will soften and leave you feeling freshly cleansed by helping to balance skin oils.

Each bag creates aromatic salt baths with our in-house blends of pure and mainly organic essential oils. Cinnamon | Orange | Clove is a calming salt bath blend designed to help you float your tensions away. Breathe deeply as Eucalyptus & Geranium help to relieve stress and promote relaxation. Clear your mind with peppermint and rosemary essential oils in Spa Day. And find relaxing comfort with Lavender as you prepare to drift off to a restful night sleep.

These salts come in a resealable bag, which help to retain the benefits of bathing with Epsom salts and essential oils but is also the last remaining piece of single-use packaging that we use. It is going to be replaced with a zero-waste option, but we are using up this current supply, so we don't see them go to waste! As with all of our products, these salts are handcrafted at our studio in New Brunswick, Canada.
Bubbles & Balms Lavender Bath Salts