Deodorant Pink Lemonade Bubbles & Balms

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Reduce odor-causing bacteria, keep the bacteria away from your sweat with a natural barrier, and smell fresh all-day with the subtle, yet effective, aromatic blend of Bubbles & Balms.

Each deodorant offers a creamy-dry feeling with organic & fair-trade shea butter and mango butter. Kaolin clay helps to absorb moisture, and the selected essential oils are included at skin-safe volumes.

The Bubbles & Balms deodorants also come without baking soda to ensure the most sensitive underarms do not have this high-pH ingredient left on them in a topical product.

Our natural ingredients blend together to create an effective and long-lasting deodorant for most users. You'll be able to live comfortably and confidently with deodorants that hit all your values and fit your high-standards skin!
Bubbles & Balms Pink Lemonade Deodorant