Shave Bar Cedar & Lemongrass - Bubbles & Balms

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Add silky smooth protection to your shave with a natural lather that provides a smooth glide and helps prevent post shave dryness.
Experience softer skin.
Protect skin & avoid razor burn.
Enhance overall wellbeing with essential oils.

Our natural shave bars are handcrafted with the perfect no-foam shave in mind. The green clay base for this natural soap bar provides a smooth gliding surface to help you get a close shave while reducing razor burn. Reveal silky skin with the help of organic & fair trade olive oil and coconut oil. The blend of organic cedarwood and lemongrass essential oils help release your stress as you mindfully progress through your shaving routine. Mango butter adds vitamin A to your skin’s surface, helping to prevent post shave dryness.

Cedar & Lemongrass Shave Bar Bubbles & Balms